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The importance of watering your lawn properly can never be stressed enough. Your lawn is between 75% and 85% water by weight, and water helps nutrients and other organic compounds to move throughout the grass plants. Water also protects grass plants from sudden temperature changes through its capacity for cooling, and it helps to keep grass cells turgid (or rigid) – which makes your lawn more wear-tolerant.


In hot summer weather, regular watering is more important than ever. The basic rule of thumb is to ensure that your lawn gets from 1″ to 11⁄2″ of water per week from rainfall or sprinkling, and the soil should be soaked to a depth of 6″ with each watering. The best time to water is early morning, since evaporation rates are lower in cooler temperatures.

Water Your Lawn

- By mowing correctly, you’ll be rewarded with a healthier, more beautiful lawn. Here are five easy ways to make the most of your mower:

- Adjust your mowing height according to the seasons. Mowing short (3”) in cooler weather discourages disease. Mowing high in hot weather retains moisture, encourages deeper root growth, and keeps the soil shaded to help prevent weed seeds from germinating.

- Keep your mower blades sharp. Dull blades lead to brown, shredded grass tips that are unattractive and more susceptible to disease.

- Alternate your mowing pattern so that your grass won’t bend in one direction.

- Try to mow regularly and remove no more than 1⁄3 of the grass blade at a time. “Scalping,” or cutting too short, removes too many of the green, food-producing cells needed for healthy growth.

- For obvious safety reasons, avoid mowing wet grass. This will also give you a more even cut and the clippings won’t clump up as much.

Mowing Your Lawn
Lawn Care Tips
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